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Most of the pictures of these items are taken and posted from my phone, so the quality may not be so great. You can click on the actual photo to bring it up huge on your screen, where you can read my journaling and get a closer look at the details.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Large Owl

I crocheted this large owl using a Bernat pattern from here.  I altered the look a bit, but am very pleased with the end result.  I used Lily Sugar n' Cream yarn.

Wee lttle owl

I made this bitty owl for my sweet bitty nephew.  It's only about 3" tall.  You can find the pattern here, scroll to the bottom for English instructions.  I used Lily Sugar n' Cream yarn and vintage buttons.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Brothers & Pops

My aunt and I did this page for our family reunion scrapbook.  My aunt wanted to memorialize my three uncles, who are all passed now, in a special page.  So she wrote up facts and anecdotes about their lives and the two of us came up with this layout.  Its simple, really.  Card stock, brads, ribbons, staples, flowers, a pc and the Cricut where used.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Artwork to Go!

So Stacy, over at Handmade by Stacy Vaughn, came up with an idea for a darling little travel art set using an old DVD Case, some fabric, spray adhesive, cardboard and then of course a few art supplies.  I re-pinned it the moment I saw it on Pinterest since we have tons of these cases, and having a preschooler...anything to take along in the car to keep her busy is a bonus.

Plus, I mean, its adorable!!

I put my own spin on it, of course.  I added some rub-ons to the front (doubt they'll last, but hey, its cute right now!), and changed up the structure just a bit...

Here's what I did.

First, I like the colored DVD cases.  Usually these come from old games (XBox has fun bright green ones) and children's movies.  I have no idea where this fun pinkish-orange one came from, but I grabbed it.  Then I followed the directions that Stacy provided.  I found that a box cutter knife was way more effective than my X-acto knife when it came to cutting out the DVD circle.  Next time I think I'll try removing the whole back and attaching two fronts, eliminating the gaping hole that you need to deal with.  Plus, I mean, it was frustrating and time consuming [insert a whinny voice here].  I decided to remove the plastic from the cover.  What I chose to do instead of making a new sleeve for the case was to use two pieces of thin cardboard (sort of like what they use to make those spiral notebooks) and more fabric to cover the outside.  With a little finessing I attached the fabric using the spray adhesive to the cardboard pieces tucking it all around to make nice pretty finished edges.  I then added a fat ribbon to use as a Velcro closure (just in case it was prone to popping open when filled).  I used the same adhesive, attached it to the inside of the cardboard before adhering it to the case.  Then I added rub-ons to embellish it just a bit.  I really wanted to use this freezer paper iron-on trick (also found on Pinterst), but alas, it doesn't work with plain ol' wax paper like I thought it would and who has freezer paper just laying around (note to self: buy freezer paper!!).  I applied some sticky Velcro to the ribbon tab and the front cover.


I added a ribbon detail on the inside to define the pocket a bit more and added a few more whimsical rub-ons (American Crafts Child series, I bought them at Big Lots years ago, sorry!).  Luckily I have a ton of unwanted paper laying around since I'm a scrapper.  I might add a ribbon to the spine for use as a purse or handle...my daughter digs that sort of thing.

I love this project.  In fact its on my holiday gift list for a few kiddos I know...  I'm contemplating the use of a double DVD case next time, which will allow more room for supplies.  I also think that those wind-up crayons would be fun in here since they don't need to be sharpened.  You could even make one of these using that Crayola Wonder paper and markers or paint.  I'm also contemplating using some pre-printed coloring pages.  Do you have any suggestions to add?

The verdict?  My daughter loved it!  In fact she asked me to make her two.  Gotta love that kid!

Saturday, March 31, 2012


This LO is for dd first year of preschool.  I have been so busy with other projects lately I haven't really done much scrappin'.  The plan is to get back to it.  This LO frustrated me for some reason.  I feel stuck in a rut and really need to look at some new techniques for my pages I guess.  They are all starting to feel the same.  Anyhow, to add a little more depth to the page I used Stickles over the top of my title and the date.  I even added some to the penguin and a few brads.  The top right corner is a large pocket where I well keep a few momentos of her school work.  The journaling slides out from behind the photo.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Orange Mini Monkey Bread

Ok, so I have no intention for using this blog as a recipe blog, there are enough of those.  HOWEVER, this is a special occasion.  You see, I'm on a Monkey/Banana quest.  I'm one of the girls hosting a Monkey/Banana theme baby shower in June.  Originally we were going to do a Banana Split Bar, but my cousins beat me too it a couple of weeks ago for their sister's shower.  Sigh  [Notice the puff of smoke carrying off our little fun plans].  Anyhow, we decided to go with an all Banana (or Monkey) food bar.  And though I have many, many, many Banana dessert ideas (thanks to all of the other crazies on Pinterest)...we're a bit afraid everyone will be on Banana overload.  Enter Monkey Bread.  If you aren't familiar with Monkey Bread, you live a sad existence and should rectify that immediately.  Now, little did I know that there are even a few different versions of Monkey Bread, even a Banana Nut Version.  So in my hunt I came across a Lemon Pull Apart Bread (that's grown up speak for Monkey Bread)...but after much searching I found a version that I thought sounded best.  This version over at BakerLady seems to die for...but, alas, I have no frozen dough.  What I did have was one can of buttermilk biscuit dough.  Which also convinced me that there MUST be a Monkey Bread for two.  I mean come on!  Not all of us have a hoard of people in our house.  I. Was. Wrong.  Apparently I am the only person that likes to make mini versions of food (can I get an Amen for mug cakes?!). 
Anyhow...  In my desperation to have monkey bread for one...

This is what you get when you use one can of dough and a mini bread pan.  Go ahead, be jealous.  Because I died and went to Monkey Bread Heaven.  Half of this loaf (I mean, it was a mini loaf after all) was gone before I jumped up from the table and literally ran from the kitchen.  There are 525 calories in a can of biscuit dough, not to mention the butter and sugar I added...oh, and the glaze.  I could not afford to sit there any longer.

So, using the Lemon Monkey Bread recipe from BakerLady as a jumping point, I created (ME!!  I don't create food recipes!  I create science experiments in the kitchen and have decided I am much better at creating...upstairs...in my scrapbook room!) this Orange Mini Monkey Bread.  I'll even be extra nice and not only BRAG about it, but provide all of you with the "recipe".

Orange Mini Monkey Bread
Serves 3 (if we're behaving, 1 if we're being honest)

1 can of Buttermilk Biscuit Dough
Zest of 1 Orange
1tbs Butter (plus more for greasing the pan)
1/4c Raw Sugar

Pop can, separate biscuits.  Zest orange over the top of the dough, knead zest into dough.  Pinch dough into bite appropriate pieces and put a layer on the bottom of a mini loaf pan that you've buttered.  Sprinkle with sugar, drizzle with butter.  Add another layer; sprinkle sugar, drizzle butter.  Pop in oven for about 30 min.  27 min might have been better, but I'm no pro here.  You be the judge.  Pull out when done, turn onto a plate, drizzle glaze.

Orange Glaze

1tbs fresh Orange Juice (from the one you zested)
5tbs Powder Sugar

Stir together.  A thicker glaze holds up better, so add more sugar if need be.  You can not have enough glaze.  I was sopping up what was on the plate.  Spoon over top of hot loaf.

Eat.  Eat it now!  Eat it when its still so hot it pains you to touch it.  It will be worth it.  I mean, its good when its cold too, but there is nothing like really hot, steaming Monkey Bread straight out of the oven!

And no one says you have to share.  I won't tell.

Chore Board

So, I only used these few things (and a PC/printer and white card stock) to make a chore board for my preschooler.  The board is a magnetic stand alone board from Darice ($5).  I used wooden craft rounds in 1 1/2", also from Darice (the clip art pictures were placed inside of a circle label template of the same size from Avery), and round magnets.  I Mod Podged the pictures on and did two coats.  I hot glued everything else, including a felt bottom to the board and a felt backing to the magnets to help them to slide easier and to not scratch the pretty purple paint).  I didn't use any text since my 4 year old doesn't read just yet.  I added a divider using ribbon and hot glue, and I added a flower embellishment to make it pretty.  The project cost me less than $18.  Her "To Do" is on the left, when she does them she moves the magnet to the right.  Though I call it a chore board, its more like a responsibility board.  To help remind her of the things she needs to do each morning (brush her hair/teeth, make her bed, get dressed...).  I stored the extra chores on the back of the board.  So far she absolutely loves it, and enjoys moving the magnets around, and being able to see what she has to do and then deciding what she will do next.  My favorite feature is that it stands on its own.  I so did not want to hang a chore board on my wall!  I bought all of the items in one location; Crafts 2000.  I'm sure you can find them all at your local craft store.
Here is the end result!
If you would like an email containing the images and template I used, contact me here and I'll send it on over!

Pinky - Amigurumi Octopus

As part of my 14 days of Valentines with my daughter I crocheted another octopus but made a bow for the top.  Get the pattern at Esshaych!

Crocheted - mini purse

I made this cute little purse for my daughter for the 14 days of Valentines I am doing with her.  Its made with sueded yarn and the pattern was a free pattern from Lion Brand, as a change purse.  I added a strap to make it into a tiny purse.  Here is a link to the Pin on Pinterest.

Crocheted - Leg Warmers

Ugh!  These were so boring for me to make, but I am so glad I finished them.  I used a half double crochet to crochet the rectangles for the legwarmers, they seemed to take forever to get done!  The flower is the roset I also used on the poof stitch hat, and the twists were done in the fashion of the octopus tentacles.  After all if this work, I sure hope my daughter likes them!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Gentleman Octopus - Amigurumi

I crocheted this little bugger for my sweet baby nephew.  I used a free pattern for the octopus from Esshaych, and then sort of winged it with the top hat since I couldn't find one that was exactly what I wanted.  I used a pattern from here as a guide, but that hat is more for a toddler.  It is my first design, and I'll try to post the pattern below, but you'll have to bear with me if there at any issues with it.  The octopus is dinky, about the size of my palm, and frankly I'm pleased as punch with how it turned out!

Mini Top Hat Pattern

I used regular Sugar & Cream thread, and pulled two stands out.  There id probably a better way to do that, but I improvised with what I had.  I also used a size D-3.25mm hook.

Magic ring 10
Inc (2sc in each st) (20)
SC 20
Back loop only - SC 20
SC 20
SC 9, SC2TOG, SC 8, SC2TOG (18)
SC 18
SC 8, SC2TOG, SC 6, SC2TOG (16)
SC 7, SC2TOG, SC 5, SC2TOG (14)
Back loop only - SC 2 in 1, SC in 1 repeat around (22)
SC 22
SC 10, SC 2 in 1, SC 10, SC 2 in 1 (24)
Fasten off

Good luck, I hope I wrote it all down right.  Let me know if I need to make changes.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Being 13!

So, after almost a year in the works, I finally finished the "all about me" album I made for my niece who turned 13 last April.  It's made using the Basic Grey round chipboard album (though I added an extra page).  Each page has a place for her to journal, add a photo or add momentos about her thirteenth year.  There are pages about her, her family, friends, pets, school, hobbies.  There is a page for the things she loves, her hopes for next year and what she is into now.  This book took an enormous amount of effort and time.  I really hope she uses it and treasures it for years to come.  Below is a slide show of the pages in the book.  You can pause and skip around in the book by clicking the controls.  Enjoy.

Red Puff Hat

My first hat!!  I don't know why I can't ever do anything simple!  This hat only took me a few hours to finish off, and I was so proud of myself since I had to make the hat shrink from an adult to a child size with out any direction.  I did this by eliminating one of the increase steps and for decreasing the amount of rows of puffs.  I learned how to do this hat thanks to Teresa at Crochet Geek on YouTube.  I altered the design a tad to make it my own (I wanted the band to be wider to cover my daughters ears) and I added a nice little rosette (that I learned how to make on this blog, my first written pattern project!) and a pearl button for accent.  You can see the Puff Stitch Hat video here.

Butterfly Headband

I've decided to teach myself to crochet.  Crazy, the things you can learn on YouTube!!  I have officially learned how to crochet on YouTube, thanks mostly to the Crochet Geek.  I started out with Barbie blankets, and got lucky with a few mistakes that turned into a Barbie hat and a Barbie shawl.  I then profected the art of a simple Wrister set for myself and my daughter (thanks to this video) using the same yarn that I used in this headband.  Then I had to make a matching headband to go with the wristers...of course!  After I finished I added a fun little butterfly that I learned to make using this video on YouTube.  I am quite proud of my first real accomplishment!!