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Monday, January 23, 2012

Gentleman Octopus - Amigurumi

I crocheted this little bugger for my sweet baby nephew.  I used a free pattern for the octopus from Esshaych, and then sort of winged it with the top hat since I couldn't find one that was exactly what I wanted.  I used a pattern from here as a guide, but that hat is more for a toddler.  It is my first design, and I'll try to post the pattern below, but you'll have to bear with me if there at any issues with it.  The octopus is dinky, about the size of my palm, and frankly I'm pleased as punch with how it turned out!

Mini Top Hat Pattern

I used regular Sugar & Cream thread, and pulled two stands out.  There id probably a better way to do that, but I improvised with what I had.  I also used a size D-3.25mm hook.

Magic ring 10
Inc (2sc in each st) (20)
SC 20
Back loop only - SC 20
SC 20
SC 9, SC2TOG, SC 8, SC2TOG (18)
SC 18
SC 8, SC2TOG, SC 6, SC2TOG (16)
SC 7, SC2TOG, SC 5, SC2TOG (14)
Back loop only - SC 2 in 1, SC in 1 repeat around (22)
SC 22
SC 10, SC 2 in 1, SC 10, SC 2 in 1 (24)
Fasten off

Good luck, I hope I wrote it all down right.  Let me know if I need to make changes.

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