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Friday, March 30, 2012

Chore Board

So, I only used these few things (and a PC/printer and white card stock) to make a chore board for my preschooler.  The board is a magnetic stand alone board from Darice ($5).  I used wooden craft rounds in 1 1/2", also from Darice (the clip art pictures were placed inside of a circle label template of the same size from Avery), and round magnets.  I Mod Podged the pictures on and did two coats.  I hot glued everything else, including a felt bottom to the board and a felt backing to the magnets to help them to slide easier and to not scratch the pretty purple paint).  I didn't use any text since my 4 year old doesn't read just yet.  I added a divider using ribbon and hot glue, and I added a flower embellishment to make it pretty.  The project cost me less than $18.  Her "To Do" is on the left, when she does them she moves the magnet to the right.  Though I call it a chore board, its more like a responsibility board.  To help remind her of the things she needs to do each morning (brush her hair/teeth, make her bed, get dressed...).  I stored the extra chores on the back of the board.  So far she absolutely loves it, and enjoys moving the magnets around, and being able to see what she has to do and then deciding what she will do next.  My favorite feature is that it stands on its own.  I so did not want to hang a chore board on my wall!  I bought all of the items in one location; Crafts 2000.  I'm sure you can find them all at your local craft store.
Here is the end result!
If you would like an email containing the images and template I used, contact me here and I'll send it on over!

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