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Saturday, March 6, 2010

U Name It!!

These are part of my latest creation that I have in my Etsy Store. I call them “U Name It” Custom made 3D Polymer Clay OOAK Names. U Name It…I can write it, in Clay! Have your child's name sculpted to match his/her room decor. Your name (or any word) with a photo/note holder, on a magnet, as a wall hanging...you name it! Each name (or word) is custom made. These are a few examples of the names I have already completed. If you’d like to order a custom name or word for yourself, click here.

This one is the one I did for my daughter. She has a garden themed bedroom in these colors. I even added wire antennae to the butterfly!

I had a lot of fun with "Amanda". This is a princess theme. There is a crown on the top of the "A" and a "frog prince" at the end who is also wearing a crown and a pucker! The flower that dangles from the letter "d" is a charm with a rhinestone. Each letter is made with pearlized polymer clay that gives it a fun sparkle and makes each letter look very girly.

This name was done with a love theme in mind. The dot over the letter "i" is a heart that is attached by a wire, making the heart appear suspended in air. The purple hearts on the letter "J" are in glitter clay and pearlized clay (though their sparkle is heard to see here).

"Andrew" was a challenge, and a lot of fun. A Nintendo Mario Bros. theme was requested here. I was very pleased with the finished product even after the challenge it presented! The turtle on the "A" is a Kooka Turtle that's been pounced on once and is waiting to be kicked. The letters "n" and "w" are bricks, with a coin jumping out of the letter "n" and attached via a looped wire to show motion as well as being made of a gold pearlized clay (as is the letter "E"). The letter "d" turns into a warp tube that has Mario's hat on top (showing that he's going down the tube of course!). The letter "E" is a mystery box with an invincibility star leaping out (also via a wire), and then of course the signature "grow up" mushroom at the end of the name. My husband thought it resembled Mario quite well.

The "B" in "Becca" as well as the letter "a" are made of glitter clay. Its too bad that the photo doesn't show the detail better. They are quite sparkly. The other letters are all made of a pearlized and swirled clay. This name comes with a very large dragonfly made of the same pearlized clays. The dragonfly also has wire antennae.

This is probably my favorite one. "Elyssa" is a baby bug/garden theme. The colors are not displayed well here and are more of a soft princess pink and a pearl color. Each letter and embellishment is made of pearlized clay and shimmers softly. The butterfly and the tiny bug atop the mushroom both have wire antennae. There is also a snail and a tiny inch worm, as well as the flower and then of course the mushroom I mentioned. This one is just so soft and girly. But I think I am especially fond of the bugs.

I can do one for you too! I charge just $2 for a letter and $1 for each embellishments (large ones are $2). If you'd like to read more about the U Name It's, just click right here.